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Digital marketing tactics enable direct communication between companies and their customers, as those customers travel along their unique buying journeys. Digital marketing helps innovative marketers deliver the right content and offers at the right time, on the channels Best programming language for full stack developer to learn 2023 where customers spend most of their time. And with a greater ability for cross-team collaboration and customisable dashboards within one interface, it’s perfect for brands who want a smooth strategy across in-house and external teams. The number of users accessing marketing platforms each day is baffling.


Different platforms will continue to emerge, so marketers must continuously adapt digital marketing tactics to make the most of every platform available. For example, TikTok didn’t exist before September 2016, and today it has more active users than LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Video is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels available. In fact, YouTube reported more than two billion monthly logged-in viewers. Both B2B buyers and B2C consumers make buying decisions thanks to video. Some marketing teams invest hours in social media management, but don’t have the ROI to show for it.


Plus, Google Data Studio puts together reports that are fully customisable, easy to filter and easy to share. SEO is tricky, and almost impossible to manage without the right tools. Without some kind of SERP analysis tool, or keyword research, you’re basically trying to fight a bear blindfolded. In our DIY package, you can choose to do you own keyword research and write your own product pages.


Each of those platforms is geared towards a specific kind of audience and intent, and each one of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. Whereas online marketing uses the internet to reach potential customers, traditional marketing is using offline media such as TV, radio and newspapers. Offline marketing is still a big part of many business’s marketing strategy and you can read our guide to offline marketing. Through like campaigns and targeted ads, the goal is to grow your following on social media in the hopes of gaining more business through these platforms. Sites like Facebook collect data about your likes and interests, as well as personal factors like age, location etc.


All that at very affordable prices and with surprisingly high returns on investment (ROI). The main difference between online marketing and traditional marketing is that the latter uses mediums like print, TV, or radio advertisements. In contrast, as mentioned before, online marketing is entrenched in social media, email, and search engines such as Google. The extensive presence of online reality in our lives led to the widespread adoption of the Internet for both business and personal purposes. Fortunately, the Internet’s perks entail new marketing channels as well. Those include digital mediums to reach new people and convert them from virtual visitors to loyal customers.


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a tricky tactic to master – but with free platforms like SEOQuake, you can review the performance of your website and optimise it to help improve your online visibility. One of the hardest parts of being a small business owner is finding the time to post regularly on social media. You WANT to – but with so many different platforms and trends to jump on, it can be pretty overwhelming. Among the creative campaigns, PR stunts and outlandish collabs, marketing is very much a numbers game at heart. We brought the TCS ‘Building on Belief’ brand message to life with this social marketing strategy. Building a unique brand identity, engaging with existing customers, finding new audiences, insightful thought leadership – that’s what social media is for.


So, blogging is a smart way to convey quality content and enhance your brand. A successful method to harness digital channels via social media, which could reach the target customers, is an influencer commerce platform. Brands can band together with superstars, destinations, or others that are viewed as specialists in their field, that share comparable qualities. A brand would then be able to arrive at these influencers’ devotees with marked substance and offers. Numerous marketing departments have discovered accomplishment with influencer marketing, with 9 out 10 noting that it was something very similar or better than different channels they use.


There is a temptation to go hammer and tong online about how great your services are, but this often comes across as quite salesy and often isn’t the right approach to take. This is one area where outsourcing your marketing to an agency can open up significant cost savings and accelerated avenues for growth. To derive the maximum benefit from automation tools, they must be incorporated into the marketing plan right from the start. Research conducted by McKinsey reveals that 71 per cent of customers now expect to receive personalised messages from companies they want to engage with and buy from. Marketers can now leverage technology to tailor their content and messaging strategies carefully to meet the preferences of individual customer avatars.


The potential of digital can be harnessed through the development of tactics, planning, and optimising your digital marketing to best effect. At Mackman, as part of a collaborative process with you, we can help design and refine your digital strategy to ensure that you maximise the potential of digital marketing. A properly planned and well-targeted digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.


When someone searches for that keyword, the search engine will try and provide web page results that are the most useful and relevant to the searcher. Bitly has allowed me to run, analyse and then adjust my online marketing campaigns, including modifying the amount of content I share depending on the day and time I share it and the platform I share it on. With a free account you can track the click rates of your links, find out where your traffic is coming from, and the locations of the people clicking on your links. This is a great tool because it means you can create campaigns based on a series of links and track which social media platforms are best for your business. Lots of businesses are time poor, mainly because there are too many things to do in the limited time they have available.

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