How to Start a Window Cleaning Company

One of the simplest businesses in the world is a window washing business, because it takes so very little to get started. Of course the skill of washing windows quickly is not so easy but that will come with lots of practice and time. Consider it learning on the job and increased pay raises as your style, finesse and abilities increase too.

What do you need to get started right? Well you need a dual holed bucket; one side for rinse water and one for soapy water. And you need a set of squeegees and a soaping squeegee. It is also recommended that you find online an eBook and manual of how to start a window washing business you best understand how to get customers and where to go to get all the right professional grade equipmentmy latest blog post.

You should be able to find these resources online fairly easy by searching; “Window Washing” “Window Wash” or “Window Cleaning” and then go from there. There are many very good references on the Internet for Window Cleaning and they start with basic kits and manuals for under $100.00 to full franchise systems to clean high-rise building windows, which cost over $50,000 to buy into.

The wide variety of choices proves that Window Washing and Window Cleaning is a very good business to be in and a much needed service. Consider all this in 2006.

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