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Meadowsweet – Utilized to increase the chances of getting a job. Aids peace, love as well as joy. Lungwort – Use in air magic or as an offering to the Gods of air. Supplies risk-free travel when flying. Linden Blossom – Knowledge, justice, love as well as security. Lemon Balm – Also called Melissa.


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Environment – Unique natural mixture of plants as well as herbs, mixed with crucial oils as well as natural materials. Echinacea – Includes a boost to clairvoyant as well as psychic capacities. Adds effective toughness to spells utilized in cash attracting magic, fertility as well as wealth and offers the individual with protective power. Cinnamon – Additionally called Sugary food Timber. Use for Solar magic. Reflection and astral estimate.


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It is believed to be an aphrodisiac. Use for celestial estimate and spirit quests. Chickweed – Also called Witches Grass. Usage in moon spells. Likewise helpful for pet magic, relationships, love and also fertility. Calendula – Also called Marigold.


This ornamental ceramic item includes a design that permits the smoke to come out of the dragon’s mouth. The purple metallic dragon glimpses from behind rocks lit by an LED light, and looks magical when in operation. Enjoy your preferred incense and also feast your eyes on this beautiful gizmo. If you want to step up your candle light endeavours, try the RAW Terpene Sensory Improved Candle Light. This healing candle serves as a smell neutraliser which is based on non-GMO soy wax as well as hemp seed oil.


I like whatever I received. The Bizarro was just as I expected. I will definitely be a returning consumer. I will certainly get the word out! Great customer service also. Yerba Santa herbal incense can be made use of for divination and to improve psychic abilities, as a purifier of atmospheres and to secure.


Holly Hock – Protecting, all Fairy magic, wealth, personal growth and aids passing. Related to Lammas. Garlic – Magical usages include speed, health and wellness and also endurance, likewise defense, exorcism and also filtration. Usage likewise to advertise your inner strength. Eyebright – Increases psychological power, psychic capacity as well as inner vision.


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Incense – Spiritual, reflection, as well as recovery. Sustains youthfulness and also defense. Mountain Ash Berry – Likewise called Rowan Berry. Strong fairy and Goddess links. Aids defense and reflection, helps to clear the mind.


Ginger – Increases magic power. Success, love, money as well as power. Gentian – Increases lead to power. Good luck and also works well in love & love spells. Galangal Root – Additionally called Lo John the Conqueror or Lo John.


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Incense– originated from the Latin word “incendere” (to shed)– is the modern-day term for what was originally considered frankincense. The type and also structure of scent, in addition to how it is melted, differ substantially. K2 Herbal incense as cones are generally “direct-burning”, whereas granulated scent requires a warm resource. Please note that you need to be 18 years or older to acquire CBD products. All insurance claims and impacts of CBD have been controlled by the MHRA since 2016 and distributors require a license from the MHRA CBD oil to make any medical claims.

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